Ouch.. So much dust and cobwebs! Need to go to work right away. Brooms out! Creaky doors.. Rats scurrying away! Takes a peek into to assess the place.

Back to my home in the internet.

Will I stay? Let me first clear it up! Too early to say! I don’t know. I really don’t know. Ouch.. Watch the drama! By the way, there are 2 of us now. I realised that with the dialogues in my head, it can’t be just one of me. There are 2 of them always contradicting each other.

Grown older.. My belly fat refuses to go! Got more responsibilities in life! But one thing that has remained unchanged is my madness quotient! Evident in the re-opening, right?

Well, hello world! Let’s kick but!  (Pun intended, if it qualifies for one)


It’s been a nice journey of blogging, of writing whenever it feels like, to not write whenever you want to hold your silence. But there slowly comes a point where you need to exit. Every show must end.

I may come back a few days later and claim I was just taking a break, or just disappear into the anonymity of the blog world never to resurface. I’ve enjoyed some conversations, some interesting people I’ve met over this.

Deleting my orkut account was an instantaneous, no brainer decision. Reason – not a single scrap on my birthday. But ending this blog was a more mulled over and thought out process. But here, it is.

The patterns of Aurora give way to the rising sun. And with the blinding light, the patterns disappear. Till we meet again, so long.

Working Woman

From those few rebels who were outlawed and were looked at with contempt and suspicion to the huge numbers that walk within the workplace today, a career woman has come a long way. The journey is, along with being a personal victory, a stepping stone for the rest of the generations to build on. Every woman who dared, created a rung of the ladder for others to step on and enabled them to create rungs higher up.

When Sudha Murthy who refused to be disqualified by Tata on grounds of being a woman, it opened up many more windows of opportunities for the others to partake in the fruit without even having to fight tooth and nail.

By slowly ascending into the upper echelons of the working world, the rules of the game are altered to accommodate the female species with a myriad of responsibilities. They make it easier for us and the next generation of daughters to come by, bringing a total level of normality with it. Even the current cynical woman who scoffs at a working counterpart labeling them as “works for need of money, which I have lots of ” will still find solace that the daughters she brings forth will have it easy in the workplace and the world in general.

And to every one of those women who were scorned for being a working woman but went on unfailingly, I pass on my gratitude. For every one of those who refused to bog down to the dictates of the society and rose high up from the image of just bearing and raising children, I salute silently. It’s not one or two of them at the top that made the difference. It’s the collective force that’s responsible for the wonderful respectable place a woman has at work today.

Awkward conversations

Have you been caught up where people just talk, not just talk, but talk passionately. Without even the slightest consideration that you may not be interested. The tone is usually gripe, I’ve started avoiding people who can go at lengths about issues with in-laws, maids and the like. Spouses, kids, household work! The list is endless. The issues are not even worth a rat’s ass, but making a mountain of a molehill and assuming the status of a victim tortured intensely by a cruel world around. And they assume you are genuinely interested just because your nervous smile of discomfort is misconstrued for a look of empathy.

What I’ve always wanted to say, but not done yet to scream aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh…..please no……not again…..I’m bored… OR
Dial the object of complaint or admiration as the case may be, and subject them to listen to the conversation. Whatever, but spare me.

Khamas or kaamaach

Some raagas are so effortless and the joy they give is immeasurable. Khamas is one such one. Be it the swarajithe – “Saambarshiva” or the ever soothing “sujana jeevana raama”

It has the effect of silently rocking on a swing in the midst of a lush green forest with a blue stream nearby.

‘Uyirum Neeye’ sung soulfully by Unni Krishnan is from the same raaga. Incidentally, this is the current loop mode song.

Now, what just happened?

Is it possible to wake up one fine morning and realise that you feel indifference for everyone in the universe? And everyone includes just about everyone. Sigh!

Distilled Gyaan: Attending trainings

On day 4 of a rigorous training, when everybody else in the class is discussing the kernel internals and debating about it, when you doze off – make sure that your pen is on the desk.

Having the pen in hand causes you to drop it when the doze happens.

And the worst part is – others in the training are more concerned with difference between ‘fork’ and ‘clone’ rather than take a moment off to observe gravity.

Yay moment for the day

After listening to Mannippaaya song (of Vinnai Thaandi varuvaaya) for a few times, I noticed the interlude that goes exactly like the Charanam of Raravenugopabala.. (Ga….RiSaNiDha… Ri…..RiSaNiDha….) I mean – exactly the same swaras. I deduced this song should be based on Bilahari and googled to find out I was right.

Well, after 12 years of music lessons and listening, this is all I can find out. But, still, yay for me!

Bring back my English too..

With the new Americanisation, (I refuse to replace the s with a z in spite of the red wriggly line) – most words are forced to drop their u. Like colour is color, parlour is parlor..
And one by one, extra l, t all are getting dropped.

With the SMS trend in vogue, ‘oo’ are getting replaced by ‘u’. Maybe it’s a way of getting back at dropping u in the Americanised version. And everything is shortened that it needs longer to decode. So, sum total of time spent in the communication is a constant. This again goes to prove that time can neither be created nor be destroyed. Oh. I’ve digressed. Back to where I was going.
A sentence goes like – so ve ma star b dayz on diwali every year..cut two cakes dis diwali..as u din wish me..no cakes for u
oh, you sure know what I’m talking about.

When all this can survive harmoniously in our day to day communication and official communication too, why not the English that we spoke as kids and the harmless words we used. I demand a comeback. Please use the following liberally in your conversations and pitch in with what you can.

1. Sim-simply: This means without any specific reason.
Example: Miss, she is sim-simply laughing, miss.

2. Sud-suddenly: This emphasises the suddenness of the event. And the prefix brings on the force of immediacy.
Example: I was crossing the road, sud-suddenly a bike came.

3. Different-Different: Saying different once means that the objects are distinct, but using it twice shows how truly different they are. This one, I’m sure is still around and will survive the test of time.

4. Same-to-same: Exactly similar to each other.
I saw her answer paper, it was same-to-same as yours. Who copied from whom?


When I think of all the festivals celebrated and if I have to rank them, Thiruvaadarai would top the list with Pongal coming a close second.

The decoration is simple, yet beautiful. It is a padi (utensil of measurement) filled with rice, placed on an ammikkal, wrapped in turmeric clad threads. The ammikkal is placed after smearing chemman (red colour soil) on the floor. Thiruvaadarai

The 20 short and sweet Thiruvembavai beginning with “Adhiyum anthamum” – each one ending with Thiruchitrambalam and a showing of karpooram. Everybody has a copy of one book or the other that has Thiruvembavai and is religiously keeping in sync with the rest of the group.

The short prayer is succeeded by the grandest dinner of the year comprising of 7 poriyal, paruppu, 3 kuzhambu, vaazhakkai chips, chenai chips, rasam, thayir and the killer stuff – inippu adai and kaara adai.

Everybody slurping, licking on fingers and burping, the guests slowly get up to leave and I gorge on the extra adais. What bliss!

Today is Thiruvaadarai! Significance of the festival – if somebody knows, please to write in. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a day to truly celebrate life by eating all that is yummilicious and be happy. 🙂