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Wishes fulfilled

You request for a song on TV, well, written for somebody, sung by another and you dedicate it! What??? There is no personal touch there.

My friends here write poems for you, your situations and your mood. You just tell them the topic, whom it is for and the mood of it. Rhyme’n’rhythm just oozes out in minutes and before you know it, you have your poem.. ta da………. Pretty exciting, I must say.

When I had a tough time getting yam out of head yesterday evening and was googling all over for yam recipes to satiate my taste buds, I requested the genie for a poem on yam. Well, I find yam yum. Can’t say that of most people. However, the genie complied to write the poem and also sweetly modify the ending when I expressed the yam deserved a happy ending too.

Comments from Genie on the exercise: The Genie understands the feelings of everybody – be it a vegetable or a fruit (or a human being who is a fruit!) 😛

By the way, here is the link to limerick on yam:

Here is the link if you are wishing for poems of your own:



For every road taken, do you see the other road missed
An almost possible one, but your feet refused to be kissed

The intersections cause many such offshoots
In the blink of an eye, you’re far from the roots

What if you could sit high up there and view
Pathways in grass and petals with dew

Gaze at all the pathways that are shut for you
Smile at some and frown at a few

Just experience it all for a fleeting moment
And rid yourself of regret’s torment

A still reverie..

Visions of blue and green
Soft music reminisce a dream

Tread paths on grass disappear
The aroma of capuccino to linger

Charm, beauty and glory bid adieu
Fragrances dissipate, taking the cue

Frozen, yet strong not to perish
Lives on in the heart as a wish


Ripples hit the roots of the tree..
Yet it stands unshakeable..

The roots absorb the water..
Yet the river does not dry up..

They live in harmony..
With the perfect balance in give and take..

Be calm as the still waters..
Yet firm as the tree..

Word’s work (pun intended)

The walks in the park continue
Amidst sprained knees, I admire the view

Watching people young and old
With hair brown, black and gold

Concentrating beyond their conversations
Turning a blind eye to their appearances

Blocking the traffic that zooms around
Ignoring the school kids and their sound

The focus now is on the trees so green
Pleasant and soothing, say the eyes seen

I plonk on the parks seat overlooking windowsills
Hoping to write the next version of Daffodils

A new beginning..

Like a tiny bud, as a morning dew
You are a rare gem with a golden hue

You fought it out when it required a fight
And still through everything, made the burden light

You persisted with patience, with hope in heart
With true faith, age-old myths you did thwart

As you embark on this new exciting journey
Made meaningful by everything that you personify

May life turn blissful with every step you take
And present you with joy at every turn you make

Beautiful Day..

Morning starts so late..the time could make one scream and run to work
But I wake up slowly, surely, with a light spring..
It’s a beautiful day..

The paper is crumpled and lying down..
The milk has not arrived, I smile slowly..
It’s a beautiful day..

A strong, rude mail, tells me things are tough and hard
I read it, think nothing, feel a sense of being light
It’s a beautiful day..

Work piles up, moves slowly and sluggishly
I listen to a melodious soothing song..
It’s a beautiful day..

Sometimes, events that occur just don’t matter
Because some days are beautiful days..
And today, it’s a beautiful day..

Deprived Dreams

The full moon stood a silent witness
The hope it kindled, it wished to harness

Everything it created painstakingly
To show the beauty in the world
Every wish it promised to fulfil
Merciless, it put the trusting soul in peril

And stood shining as bright as ever
As though nothing in it did waver

Unmindful of the integrity it professed
Stood without life in the sky it caressed

It cared no longer for the sky nor the breeze
It had light but no more shone among the trees

Bereft of hope and tenderness, it resembled a white sphere
And made the heart wish for a night sky true and clear..

Take me back..

Take me back to the beautiful past
And freeze time to let the good times last

Time has flown fast and swift
Leaving amidst relationships a huge drift

Friends and foes find me cold
As I grapple with the pain of a dream sold

All yesterdays seem like a past life
The pain has numbed from many a strife

Nothing affects..nothing matters..
Indifference has bound me in its fetters

I want to jump with joy, I want to feel the pain
To be struck with wonder, To be fraught with disdain

May this end leaving me back to my old bubbling self
To scorn at shadows and believe in the elf

Take me back to the beautiful past
And freeze time to let the good times last


The first timid tiny drop of rain..
That trickles indicating a downpour..

The first ray of light that fights with canopy..
To hit the earth and chase the dark..

The first note of alaap..
Before the rendition of the keerthana..

As subtle and as miniscule they might be..
With a purpose to just announce arrivals..

They break the inertia of void..
To fill it with a beautiful meaning..

They bring a smile to lips that wait..
A sparkle to eyes that search..

A song in the heart that believes..
Like an oasis amidst life’s sand dunes..