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Distilled Gyaan: Attending trainings

On day 4 of a rigorous training, when everybody else in the class is discussing the kernel internals and debating about it, when you doze off – make sure that your pen is on the desk.

Having the pen in hand causes you to drop it when the doze happens.

And the worst part is – others in the training are more concerned with difference between ‘fork’ and ‘clone’ rather than take a moment off to observe gravity.


Who is a true friend?

The title sounds like a Vikram betaal story. But that is what life is – everyone around is a betaal who knows the answers within, but wait for the Vikramadityas of the world and ask them because they like to hear what they know. How much we underestimate this quality of people who will give all their ears to you to reinforce what they already believe.

Right from the kindergarten days where mitrutva blossoms, did we look for those people who had the same tastes, views on life and universe? Nooooooooooooooooooooo
We were friends with those who complied when we ordered about – avana jothe naanu too, neenu too bidu (I’m cross with that guy and have declared ‘too’ dom – I can’t translate more than this. 9 ) Avala jothe naanu se, neenu se bidu. And when the reverse of this happens, the person does it along with you. Not to be confused with a chela, you reciprocate the same way.

As we grow up, this tendency to form and nurture friendships is more dictated by this factor than any other. Though people rarely acknowledge it. It’s very easy to stand by somebody, to explain why you like something and get them to like the same.

Try the same with annoyance and dislike. It’s hard to explain why but it’s there. The stores you would like them to boycott, the people you want them to shun – nothing can be explained, but just expressed with that change in facial expression, tone and “I can’t stand that”. Just one sentence. Those who understand and comply are your friends, those who prefer not to, are acquaintances.

The betaal crouching on my back flies away at this point saying – you might have given the right answer, but you spoke the truth that nobody likes to hear. As I hear the fading laughter of the betaal, I type the conversation in my blog.

Ayodhya: Moral of the story

Never buy property without clear titles. The case would go on forever and you would be long gone before you can claim your stake.

Distilled Gyaan: Workplace commandments

Ten commandments to ensure you do not end up with high blood pressure or choked arteries:

Thou shall not feel compelled to reply to every email immediately
Thou shall take up issues for resolution only after finding a solution
Thou shall think, pause and weigh carefully before jumping in to help eagerly
Thou shall not let others believe that them doing their designated work is a favour to you
Thou shall make a sincere attempt to reduce the usage of “we” and increase usage of “you” and “I” in discussions
Thou shall not let others mistake your enthusiasm for time availability
Thou shall not schedule or attend meetings just before lunchtime
Thou shall hire only very intelligent and responsible engineers and say absolute no to all else
Thou shall say – “I get it” in meetings before people repeat themselves in loop mode
Thou shall value your time and effort above all

Distilled Gyaan: Relationships

Your brain looks at random events, sights on the sky and then, somewhere there’s the ‘aha’ moment of some realisation. It happens to all,  just recording mine for the benefit of those who would prefer just the distilled gyaan.

Today’s Distilled Gyaan is on relationships:

Some relationships are like the dough, you need to keep kneading it and the moment you leave it halfway in a clumsy state, it’s so hard to get back to continuing with it. Even the random look of it is weird.

Then, there are those that are like the first drops of rain in summer. No matter how often you talk or however long the gap, it always seems welcome and refreshing.