It’s been a nice journey of blogging, of writing whenever it feels like, to not write whenever you want to hold your silence. But there slowly comes a point where you need to exit. Every show must end.

I may come back a few days later and claim I was just taking a break, or just disappear into the anonymity of the blog world never to resurface. I’ve enjoyed some conversations, some interesting people I’ve met over this.

Deleting my orkut account was an instantaneous, no brainer decision. Reason – not a single scrap on my birthday. But ending this blog was a more mulled over and thought out process. But here, it is.

The patterns of Aurora give way to the rising sun. And with the blinding light, the patterns disappear. Till we meet again, so long.


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  1. Gaizabonts on

    Sigh! Ah, well! Best!

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