My Musical journey – Ga

So, the whole music lessons lied dormant for sometime. While I was glad, the hunt was already on to find a teacher who could make me sing. Well, if only someone had that talent! Sigh!

Then, entered Lakshmi maami – the longest in my music learning journey. She insisted we start from the beginning – so, saralai varisai it was. The upside – she lived in an apartment down the street with 50 apartments in the complex. That gave me access to a few friends to play hopscotch, “Queen of England lost her ring” and the likes. It was such a welcome break after playing cricket with the guys on my street and always being picked last for the team. Grrr. I still hate cricket and all the guys on my street.

We moved to janti, tarasthaayi, daatu, alankara, geetha and then the varnam and keerthanam. All this took around 8 years, I subjected my neighbours to the torture of hearing me sing many days from 7:05 am till 7:25 am till my dad left for work and stop abruptly to get ready for school. While walking to school, I would ensure I don’t make eye contact with anybody on my street lest they figure out the voice behind the cacophony they hear every morning. đŸ˜€

With my music going in cruise mode and maami cribbing about ‘not enough practice’ whenever she sees my mom and me eyerolling, the time came when I wanted to just stop singing. I had stopped enjoying it and my 10th grade gave me just the right excuse. While maami was aghast and brought in examples of 12th grade ppl coming, relaxation from my studying all the time (like that happened ever), my loss of interest won and I stopped there.

I was glad I didn’t have to go 2 days a week and I could instead take an afternoon nap on Saturday and study on the Thursday, which, by the way, never happened. I did read a lot that year. So many books from the library. I had already attempted to start preparing for IIT-JEE in 8th grade holidays and given up. So, I was clear that the mediocre path didn’t warrant so much effort. So, the time of preparing of IIT was now given to Nancy Drew, Hardy boys, three investigators and the likes.

Apart from the coaxing of “I paid so much for your classes. Sing here, Sing there”, life was largely peaceful. I did not even regret the decision to quit at this time.

That ends the note ga.


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