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Who is a true friend?

The title sounds like a Vikram betaal story. But that is what life is – everyone around is a betaal who knows the answers within, but wait for the Vikramadityas of the world and ask them because they like to hear what they know. How much we underestimate this quality of people who will give all their ears to you to reinforce what they already believe.

Right from the kindergarten days where mitrutva blossoms, did we look for those people who had the same tastes, views on life and universe? Nooooooooooooooooooooo
We were friends with those who complied when we ordered about – avana jothe naanu too, neenu too bidu (I’m cross with that guy and have declared ‘too’ dom – I can’t translate more than this. 9 ) Avala jothe naanu se, neenu se bidu. And when the reverse of this happens, the person does it along with you. Not to be confused with a chela, you reciprocate the same way.

As we grow up, this tendency to form and nurture friendships is more dictated by this factor than any other. Though people rarely acknowledge it. It’s very easy to stand by somebody, to explain why you like something and get them to like the same.

Try the same with annoyance and dislike. It’s hard to explain why but it’s there. The stores you would like them to boycott, the people you want them to shun – nothing can be explained, but just expressed with that change in facial expression, tone and “I can’t stand that”. Just one sentence. Those who understand and comply are your friends, those who prefer not to, are acquaintances.

The betaal crouching on my back flies away at this point saying – you might have given the right answer, but you spoke the truth that nobody likes to hear. As I hear the fading laughter of the betaal, I type the conversation in my blog.


Ayodhya: Moral of the story

Never buy property without clear titles. The case would go on forever and you would be long gone before you can claim your stake.

Why engineering and process is important

I wanted a footrest. I bypassed all the design, estimation and measurements I do for work and just went to pull a chair from the breakout area. As simple as that!….

The chair refused to go under the desk as the bottom support of the desk clashed against the full bottom support of the fancy chair.

Pulling the table out, placing chair in horizontal position, pushing more to pull it up worked. But table did not go back in there because the arm rest of the chair clashed against the table’s back panel support.

Puffing and panting with all furniture in weird positions, I resigned and called for help from the furniture staff to get me out of the mess. 😦

All this, when a little stepping back and engineering with measurements would have saved all the trouble.

Well, read on.. This is the preface..

I am bored. With a capital B. Totally, insanely bored. Had a deadline and was extremely busy for 2 months with time for nothing and here, I am. Wondering suddenly what to do with all the free time.

Well, since I made do with a lot of cereal, curd rice and the likes of it, I decided to indulge my taste buds and prepare something yummy. Well, me a good cook, of course. Made some decent noodles, albeit a with a little extra sauce and ran out of patience while making gobi manchurian that I ate the deep fried cauliflower florets and convinced myself they were much better than the end product anyways. Next day I goofed up in making Hyderabadi biriyani – it lacked the spice and tasted so bland. The “baby potatoes in spicy gravy” had a generous amount of salt that didn’t whet either my appetite or my culinary inclination. So, end of using the kitchen to kill boredom.

I guess I know what I’m going to do. Write a book. Yes, of course. Write a book. There’s been no bestseller of late and I want to give the random people at a party some juice for conversation.

Fella 1: Hey.. Have you read Aurora’s new book?
Fella 2: Oh.. This is not her first one?? Interesting!  I’ve wasted so many years of life not reading such genius work. Sigh! 😦

Some excerpts from my book. It’s titled “Life, living it and loving it” Arre Waah. I’m a genius or what? I thought of that title in less than a second.

Coming back, the book will have interesting chapters about everything you wanted to know to live your life and at the same time, lurrrve it.

Chapter 1: Walking the talk in the park no matter how much dogs bark
Chapter 2: Preparing healthy breakfast that’ll make you run so fast
Chapter 3: Getting to work on time and drinking juice made of lime

To know the other chapters and to book a copy of the book, please leave a comment. I’ll tell you how you can order it with a huge discount and also be invited to the release of the book.

See you all there..