Ouch.. So much dust and cobwebs! Need to go to work right away. Brooms out! Creaky doors.. Rats scurrying away! Takes a peek into to assess the place.

Back to my home in the internet.

Will I stay? Let me first clear it up! Too early to say! I don’t know. I really don’t know. Ouch.. Watch the drama! By the way, there are 2 of us now. I realised that with the dialogues in my head, it can’t be just one of me. There are 2 of them always contradicting each other.

Grown older.. My belly fat refuses to go! Got more responsibilities in life! But one thing that has remained unchanged is my madness quotient! Evident in the re-opening, right?

Well, hello world! Let’s kick but!  (Pun intended, if it qualifies for one)


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