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Neural PDA

1.    As you get onto the elevator, you see a familiar face at work that smiles back, you smile politely, look down and think hard how you know this person, what the name is and what would be the most logical next statement to speak to the expectant face.
2.    You’re in a function that you’d much rather have skipped and there pops up an excited old lady who looks at you fondly and you rack your brains for some clues on this homo sapien. Then, she opens her mouth, says something and you hate her already for the insensitivity. Then, you remember that you should have slipped away much before this. But how???????

With all the aging, the brain ages too. And put it together with the myriad of inconsequential stuff you put into it including articles in ‘Times of India’ and you know what I’m talking about. You ran out of disk space in the head. Oh..come on.. there is a limit. Did you think that your mind can hold more than 1 GB of data?? How naïve!!

Here is what the neural PDA would do:
1.    Cilck the picture of the person, store name, age, relation, geographical location, vital statistics (by this, I mean – how you know the person) and MTF (My tolerance factor)
2.    When you come closer to anyone recognized by  the neural PDA, the PDA vibrates gently with the earphone beeping out instructions of the found target.
3.    Target located at 11 ‘o’ clock, distance of 15 feet, this person was in your company bus and you’ve never spoken, object’s eyes have not spotted you, MTF for the person is NA
4.    Or target located at 2 ‘o’ clock, distance of 25 feet, this person is an annoying creature whom you can’t stand, MTF is 0.01, so scurry away

So, what do you think??


Food in email attachments

Transport and communication: We see advancements in the two and it was once said that it is a race between the two. The one that wins would put the other out of business.

Well, to the real world now. Have you ever thought of how painful it is to drive long distances to get good food? Or the times when you’re working and so hungry that you wish food came to you?

Here is the Winvention you want (Winvention = Wonder Invention, I coined the term a couple of years ago)

What you do is – attach food like an email attachment and mail it across to the recipient. This can work in restaurants, fast food joints and also from your home.

Displacement Transport

Gone will be the days of endless traffic jams..

Gone will be the days of fretting over increasing fuel prices..

Gone will be the days of cursing on the roads..

Welcome to the new transport – Displacement transport

Get into a compartment that is foldable, light and easy to carry around.

Activate the compartment. The source co-ordinates are saved.

Enter the destination that you want to go to. The destination co-ordinates are automatically calculated.

The speed of transport is half the velocity of light and can be negotiated.

Now, based on the traffic that is already in the sky, the height at which you go up is negotiated and finalised.

Then, the displacement transport compartment takes you to that height, uses the displacement vector line to reach the destination.

You get off the compartment, fold your compartment and carry it around.

Whew… How cool is that?