Food in email attachments

Transport and communication: We see advancements in the two and it was once said that it is a race between the two. The one that wins would put the other out of business.

Well, to the real world now. Have you ever thought of how painful it is to drive long distances to get good food? Or the times when you’re working and so hungry that you wish food came to you?

Here is the Winvention you want (Winvention = Wonder Invention, I coined the term a couple of years ago)

What you do is – attach food like an email attachment and mail it across to the recipient. This can work in restaurants, fast food joints and also from your home.


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  1. hee heee heeeee on

    Don’t use this technology. It was copyrighted by me five years back 🙂 Or contact me if you still want to use this technology of sending food in mail attachments by paying minimal copyright fee 😛

  2. sriram on

    winvention sounds fresh… hope you have not patented it and someday it will become very popular…food by mail, though it will take some years, people use to sms for tea and snacks in coimbatore and the vendor will deliver it through a boy…

  3. aurorawonders on

    @hee heee heeeee

    I know you. Use your real name man. And what copyright? Go jump!


    I haven’t patented anything. Would like to be a consumer of the ideas, though. See, the first step is sms for tea. It could become tea through sms too. 🙂

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