Displacement Transport

Gone will be the days of endless traffic jams..

Gone will be the days of fretting over increasing fuel prices..

Gone will be the days of cursing on the roads..

Welcome to the new transport – Displacement transport

Get into a compartment that is foldable, light and easy to carry around.

Activate the compartment. The source co-ordinates are saved.

Enter the destination that you want to go to. The destination co-ordinates are automatically calculated.

The speed of transport is half the velocity of light and can be negotiated.

Now, based on the traffic that is already in the sky, the height at which you go up is negotiated and finalised.

Then, the displacement transport compartment takes you to that height, uses the displacement vector line to reach the destination.

You get off the compartment, fold your compartment and carry it around.

Whew… How cool is that?


2 comments so far

  1. T1000 on

    Hey something like this is being experimented. Its called Quantum Teleportation(similar to the one in Start Trek). It has been successfully tested on non living things.

  2. aurorawonders on


    Really? That’s super cool.. I wish it becomes a reality soon. These traffic jams are getting on my nerves..

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