Working Woman

From those few rebels who were outlawed and were looked at with contempt and suspicion to the huge numbers that walk within the workplace today, a career woman has come a long way. The journey is, along with being a personal victory, a stepping stone for the rest of the generations to build on. Every woman who dared, created a rung of the ladder for others to step on and enabled them to create rungs higher up.

When Sudha Murthy who refused to be disqualified by Tata on grounds of being a woman, it opened up many more windows of opportunities for the others to partake in the fruit without even having to fight tooth and nail.

By slowly ascending into the upper echelons of the working world, the rules of the game are altered to accommodate the female species with a myriad of responsibilities. They make it easier for us and the next generation of daughters to come by, bringing a total level of normality with it. Even the current cynical woman who scoffs at a working counterpart labeling them as “works for need of money, which I have lots of ” will still find solace that the daughters she brings forth will have it easy in the workplace and the world in general.

And to every one of those women who were scorned for being a working woman but went on unfailingly, I pass on my gratitude. For every one of those who refused to bog down to the dictates of the society and rose high up from the image of just bearing and raising children, I salute silently. It’s not one or two of them at the top that made the difference. It’s the collective force that’s responsible for the wonderful respectable place a woman has at work today.


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