Awkward conversations

Have you been caught up where people just talk, not just talk, but talk passionately. Without even the slightest consideration that you may not be interested. The tone is usually gripe, I’ve started avoiding people who can go at lengths about issues with in-laws, maids and the like. Spouses, kids, household work! The list is endless. The issues are not even worth a rat’s ass, but making a mountain of a molehill and assuming the status of a victim tortured intensely by a cruel world around. And they assume you are genuinely interested just because your nervous smile of discomfort is misconstrued for a look of empathy.

What I’ve always wanted to say, but not done yet to scream aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh…..please no……not again…..I’m bored… OR
Dial the object of complaint or admiration as the case may be, and subject them to listen to the conversation. Whatever, but spare me.


2 comments so far

  1. muse on

    rat’s ass??I totally identify the frustration 😀

  2. uCanGuess on

    Think of the world where you don’t find such people who gossip about in-laws, maids, managers etc., for about 30 minutes and I am sure you will be missing a lot 😀 (I am missing those emotional characters around me after moving out of country) So just enjoy the people around you… whatever they talk,.. whatever they do…

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