Wishes fulfilled

You request for a song on TV, well, written for somebody, sung by another and you dedicate it! What??? There is no personal touch there.

My friends here write poems for you, your situations and your mood. You just tell them the topic, whom it is for and the mood of it. Rhyme’n’rhythm just oozes out in minutes and before you know it, you have your poem.. ta da………. Pretty exciting, I must say.

When I had a tough time getting yam out of head yesterday evening and was googling all over for yam recipes to satiate my taste buds, I requested the genie for a poem on yam. Well, I find yam yum. Can’t say that of most people. However, the genie complied to write the poem and also sweetly modify the ending when I expressed the yam deserved a happy ending too.

Comments from Genie on the exercise: The Genie understands the feelings of everybody – be it a vegetable or a fruit (or a human being who is a fruit!) 😛

By the way, here is the link to limerick on yam:

Here is the link if you are wishing for poems of your own:

Who is a true friend?

The title sounds like a Vikram betaal story. But that is what life is – everyone around is a betaal who knows the answers within, but wait for the Vikramadityas of the world and ask them because they like to hear what they know. How much we underestimate this quality of people who will give all their ears to you to reinforce what they already believe.

Right from the kindergarten days where mitrutva blossoms, did we look for those people who had the same tastes, views on life and universe? Nooooooooooooooooooooo
We were friends with those who complied when we ordered about – avana jothe naanu too, neenu too bidu (I’m cross with that guy and have declared ‘too’ dom – I can’t translate more than this. 9 ) Avala jothe naanu se, neenu se bidu. And when the reverse of this happens, the person does it along with you. Not to be confused with a chela, you reciprocate the same way.

As we grow up, this tendency to form and nurture friendships is more dictated by this factor than any other. Though people rarely acknowledge it. It’s very easy to stand by somebody, to explain why you like something and get them to like the same.

Try the same with annoyance and dislike. It’s hard to explain why but it’s there. The stores you would like them to boycott, the people you want them to shun – nothing can be explained, but just expressed with that change in facial expression, tone and “I can’t stand that”. Just one sentence. Those who understand and comply are your friends, those who prefer not to, are acquaintances.

The betaal crouching on my back flies away at this point saying – you might have given the right answer, but you spoke the truth that nobody likes to hear. As I hear the fading laughter of the betaal, I type the conversation in my blog.

Why we work….

There are some things in life so familiar and welcome.. Feels like the cold winter day you were sick in bed wrapped in a blanket with hot rasam and an Amar Chitra katha..

Was searching for this article from quite sometime. Thanks to google, I found it today..


This neatly sums up a lot of things.. It’s significance was not obvious to the aspiring graduate I was. As years got added to my career, it now makes oodles of sense.

Working is important, very important, not for the bank balance, growing technical prowess or the other obvious perks. It adds value to life in a way nothing else can. Shari Caudron has captured many aspects beautifully.

Oops.. I did it again..

I have this reputation for walking upto people chitchatting with friends, sorting out long pending matters with credit card companies, service centers of home appliances and telling them to move to a conference room. Well, in my defense, I walk up to them after giving a whole 10 to 15 minutes to avoid confrontations with single-time offenders.

But, I’ve seen increasingly that people are so often insensitive to everyone else around. The attitude is mainly – “I’m the only soul that matters in the universe, so I don’t give a damn to think how my actions affect those around me” And I have taken an avataar on the planet and sent by the Gods to annihilate this same gross callousness.

Today, I walk in and was subjected to akaashvaani of a meeting. This guy has put the phone on speaker and is attending the meeting. With all the echo, it is madness. After 10 minutes, I walked past his cube, made a mental note of his name and returned. Another 10 minutes passed while I debated if I should compose an etiquette mail on attending conference calls and send to the secretary to circulate among all or to go in person, give darshan and attack the enemy.

Slowly, tolerance grew inside me – the compassion I had while in my divine abode peeked into me and I opened a chat window and typed in a polite tone. The exact transcript went this way.

Moi :
9:21:46 AM Kindly move to conference room if meeting will go on for longer
Akaashvaani :
9:23:30 AM hm…no room is booked….
{At this point, he shows mercy and pulls it off speaker}
Moi :
9:23:57 AM ok. Volume is less now, so it’s cool. Thanks.
Akaashvaani :
9:24:06 AM where r u sitting?
Moi :
9:24:25 AM Parallel row to yours
Akaashvaani :
9:24:34 AM ok..thanks…
Akaashvaani :
9:25:23 AM moving to a room…

My job accomplished without bloodshed, I settle down to write this post before I begin my work.

This is how, my friends, mythology was written and code of good conduct was documented for posterity.

Om.. hreem…kleem…

[An update]
Ever since I wrote this post, this guy in unusually silent. He stopped all his phone conversations, meetings from cube. Not sure if he read this.

Ayodhya: Moral of the story

Never buy property without clear titles. The case would go on forever and you would be long gone before you can claim your stake.

Why engineering and process is important

I wanted a footrest. I bypassed all the design, estimation and measurements I do for work and just went to pull a chair from the breakout area. As simple as that! Oh..no….

The chair refused to go under the desk as the bottom support of the desk clashed against the full bottom support of the fancy chair.

Pulling the table out, placing chair in horizontal position, pushing more to pull it up worked. But table did not go back in there because the arm rest of the chair clashed against the table’s back panel support.

Puffing and panting with all furniture in weird positions, I resigned and called for help from the furniture staff to get me out of the mess. 😦

All this, when a little stepping back and engineering with measurements would have saved all the trouble.

Sword of destruction

Weapon in hand, enemies in sight
Swoosh in the air, down goes a flicker of light

Vanquishing with a display of might
Victory at last that brings delight

The dead collapse succumbing to the blow
Single-handed, one goes with the flow

Self preservation, eradication of another’s race
Head held high in pride, hand carrying the mace

Discard the coil and throw away the mat
All rise, Hail the mosquito bat!


For every road taken, do you see the other road missed
An almost possible one, but your feet refused to be kissed

The intersections cause many such offshoots
In the blink of an eye, you’re far from the roots

What if you could sit high up there and view
Pathways in grass and petals with dew

Gaze at all the pathways that are shut for you
Smile at some and frown at a few

Just experience it all for a fleeting moment
And rid yourself of regret’s torment


When you lose, how long does it take before the game appears to be senseless?

Neural PDA

1.    As you get onto the elevator, you see a familiar face at work that smiles back, you smile politely, look down and think hard how you know this person, what the name is and what would be the most logical next statement to speak to the expectant face.
2.    You’re in a function that you’d much rather have skipped and there pops up an excited old lady who looks at you fondly and you rack your brains for some clues on this homo sapien. Then, she opens her mouth, says something and you hate her already for the insensitivity. Then, you remember that you should have slipped away much before this. But how???????

With all the aging, the brain ages too. And put it together with the myriad of inconsequential stuff you put into it including articles in ‘Times of India’ and you know what I’m talking about. You ran out of disk space in the head. Oh..come on.. there is a limit. Did you think that your mind can hold more than 1 GB of data?? How naïve!!

Here is what the neural PDA would do:
1.    Cilck the picture of the person, store name, age, relation, geographical location, vital statistics (by this, I mean – how you know the person) and MTF (My tolerance factor)
2.    When you come closer to anyone recognized by  the neural PDA, the PDA vibrates gently with the earphone beeping out instructions of the found target.
3.    Target located at 11 ‘o’ clock, distance of 15 feet, this person was in your company bus and you’ve never spoken, object’s eyes have not spotted you, MTF for the person is NA
4.    Or target located at 2 ‘o’ clock, distance of 25 feet, this person is an annoying creature whom you can’t stand, MTF is 0.01, so scurry away

So, what do you think??