Bring back my English too..

With the new Americanisation, (I refuse to replace the s with a z in spite of the red wriggly line) – most words are forced to drop their u. Like colour is color, parlour is parlor..
And one by one, extra l, t all are getting dropped.

With the SMS trend in vogue, ‘oo’ are getting replaced by ‘u’. Maybe it’s a way of getting back at dropping u in the Americanised version. And everything is shortened that it needs longer to decode. So, sum total of time spent in the communication is a constant. This again goes to prove that time can neither be created nor be destroyed. Oh. I’ve digressed. Back to where I was going.
A sentence goes like – so ve ma star b dayz on diwali every year..cut two cakes dis u din wish cakes for u
oh, you sure know what I’m talking about.

When all this can survive harmoniously in our day to day communication and official communication too, why not the English that we spoke as kids and the harmless words we used. I demand a comeback. Please use the following liberally in your conversations and pitch in with what you can.

1. Sim-simply: This means without any specific reason.
Example: Miss, she is sim-simply laughing, miss.

2. Sud-suddenly: This emphasises the suddenness of the event. And the prefix brings on the force of immediacy.
Example: I was crossing the road, sud-suddenly a bike came.

3. Different-Different: Saying different once means that the objects are distinct, but using it twice shows how truly different they are. This one, I’m sure is still around and will survive the test of time.

4. Same-to-same: Exactly similar to each other.
I saw her answer paper, it was same-to-same as yours. Who copied from whom?


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