When I think of all the festivals celebrated and if I have to rank them, Thiruvaadarai would top the list with Pongal coming a close second.

The decoration is simple, yet beautiful. It is a padi (utensil of measurement) filled with rice, placed on an ammikkal, wrapped in turmeric clad threads. The ammikkal is placed after smearing chemman (red colour soil) on the floor. Thiruvaadarai

The 20 short and sweet Thiruvembavai beginning with “Adhiyum anthamum” – each one ending with Thiruchitrambalam and a showing of karpooram. Everybody has a copy of one book or the other that has Thiruvembavai and is religiously keeping in sync with the rest of the group.

The short prayer is succeeded by the grandest dinner of the year comprising of 7 poriyal, paruppu, 3 kuzhambu, vaazhakkai chips, chenai chips, rasam, thayir and the killer stuff – inippu adai and kaara adai.

Everybody slurping, licking on fingers and burping, the guests slowly get up to leave and I gorge on the extra adais. What bliss!

Today is Thiruvaadarai! Significance of the festival – if somebody knows, please to write in. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a day to truly celebrate life by eating all that is yummilicious and be happy. šŸ™‚


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