Wishes fulfilled

You request for a song on TV, well, written for somebody, sung by another and you dedicate it! What??? There is no personal touch there.

My friends here write poems for you, your situations and your mood. You just tell them the topic, whom it is for and the mood of it. Rhyme’n’rhythm just oozes out in minutes and before you know it, you have your poem.. ta da………. Pretty exciting, I must say.

When I had a tough time getting yam out of head yesterday evening and was googling all over for yam recipes to satiate my taste buds, I requested the genie for a poem on yam. Well, I find yam yum. Can’t say that of most people. However, the genie complied to write the poem and also sweetly modify the ending when I expressed the yam deserved a happy ending too.

Comments from Genie on the exercise: The Genie understands the feelings of everybody – be it a vegetable or a fruit (or a human being who is a fruit!) 😛

By the way, here is the link to limerick on yam:

Here is the link if you are wishing for poems of your own:


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