Oops.. I did it again..

I have this reputation for walking upto people chitchatting with friends, sorting out long pending matters with credit card companies, service centers of home appliances and telling them to move to a conference room. Well, in my defense, I walk up to them after giving a whole 10 to 15 minutes to avoid confrontations with single-time offenders.

But, I’ve seen increasingly that people are so often insensitive to everyone else around. The attitude is mainly – “I’m the only soul that matters in the universe, so I don’t give a damn to think how my actions affect those around me” And I have taken an avataar on the planet and sent by the Gods to annihilate this same gross callousness.

Today, I walk in and was subjected to akaashvaani of a meeting. This guy has put the phone on speaker and is attending the meeting. With all the echo, it is madness. After 10 minutes, I walked past his cube, made a mental note of his name and returned. Another 10 minutes passed while I debated if I should compose an etiquette mail on attending conference calls and send to the secretary to circulate among all or to go in person, give darshan and attack the enemy.

Slowly, tolerance grew inside me – the compassion I had while in my divine abode peeked into me and I opened a chat window and typed in a polite tone. The exact transcript went this way.

Moi :
9:21:46 AM Kindly move to conference room if meeting will go on for longer
Akaashvaani :
9:23:30 AM hm…no room is booked….
{At this point, he shows mercy and pulls it off speaker}
Moi :
9:23:57 AM ok. Volume is less now, so it’s cool. Thanks.
Akaashvaani :
9:24:06 AM where r u sitting?
Moi :
9:24:25 AM Parallel row to yours
Akaashvaani :
9:24:34 AM ok..thanks…
Akaashvaani :
9:25:23 AM moving to a room…

My job accomplished without bloodshed, I settle down to write this post before I begin my work.

This is how, my friends, mythology was written and code of good conduct was documented for posterity.

Om.. hreem…kleem…

[An update]
Ever since I wrote this post, this guy in unusually silent. He stopped all his phone conversations, meetings from cube. Not sure if he read this.


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