Distilled Gyaan: Workplace commandments

Ten commandments to ensure you do not end up with high blood pressure or choked arteries:

Thou shall not feel compelled to reply to every email immediately
Thou shall take up issues for resolution only after finding a solution
Thou shall think, pause and weigh carefully before jumping in to help eagerly
Thou shall not let others believe that them doing their designated work is a favour to you
Thou shall make a sincere attempt to reduce the usage of “we” and increase usage of “you” and “I” in discussions
Thou shall not let others mistake your enthusiasm for time availability
Thou shall not schedule or attend meetings just before lunchtime
Thou shall hire only very intelligent and responsible engineers and say absolute no to all else
Thou shall say – “I get it” in meetings before people repeat themselves in loop mode
Thou shall value your time and effort above all


4 comments so far

  1. Gaizabonts on

    Oh, much needed! 🙂

    • aurorawonders on

      Feel free to add your own. I missed one more. Thou shall also throw your hands up in the air when everyone else does.

  2. […] Jul Aurora ran a list of commandments for the workplace. The purpose, according to her, is to ensure that, “you do not end up with […]

  3. muse on

    Good one 🙂

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