The IITians by Sandipan Deb

In the beginning of my career, I was sitting in the lab checking the performance of a product. And while the tests were going on in the background, I settled to read this book. It belonged to another engineer. We took turns working. And while we alternated getting measurements or tweaking for better performance,  we also alternated reading the book.

I forgot the name of the other engineer. I forgot all details of the product and the performance.

I remember the book. I remember it’s author’s name. In spite of not seeing it anywhere on the book stands, I remember it clearly. And I remember it left an impression. I also remember that my ‘then manager’ brought it into the appraisal discussion that I should have spent the time bettering my code rather than reading this book in lab.

Strange that you forget things that you were very busy doing in mainstream. And stranger that you remember vividly the things where you lost yourself in the moment, threw caution to the wind and just lived the moment.


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  1. theaprilfool on

    This explains why I remember most plot lines from story books I read during exams 🙂

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