My musical journey – Ri

My mother’s Thiruppugazh friend, Anna maami suggested I can learn with her kids. Sundaresh mama came to teach them. I went with my book to their house.

Sundaresh mama was a thin guy in his late 20s appearing for this senior exam in music. I didn’t know all this back then and it amused me to find a male teacher. I went to a school where all the teaching staff was female. I don’t remember much of his face or voice. I remember only V and S (daughters of Anna maami) teaching me to apply beetroot to my lips to make it look like I’d worn lipstick. At that age, I thought it was ultra cool.

Fine, so getting back to my lessons – I started from the very beginning. And went upto tharastaayi. This is the point where the teacher relocated to Chennai.

And so ended my tryst with the second guru leaving me back to square one.


3 comments so far

  1. muse on

    the journey between sa and ri has been sometime even in your blogposts 😉

  2. Explorer on

    2011 Jan – Would love to see you performing at ‘you know where’!

  3. aurorawonders on


    🙂 Of course, the difference between the swaras is brought out in time, space and the frequency.


    I wish too. But then, let’s be realistic. 🙂

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