My musical journey – Sa

It all began with G Chithi, who recognised that my voice was good and I can sing well..all this while I was 4 years old. She also taught me sa ri ga ma pa dha ni sa, and then gave up, going back to the suggestion that I needed a teacher.

My search for music teachers began there. After pestering my parents for another couple of years, they decided to find somebody who could teach me. My neighbours, 2 girls 10 years older than me were learning and their teacher would be willing to teach me. Enquiries were made, parents met her and I was ready to begin. Yippee.. I went along with the girls. The teacher insisted I call her aunty and that I need to drink milk and eat biscuits before I went to the class. It still beats me why she was so particular. She would enquire about it every class and if the answer was not affirmative, she would give me a cup of milk with 2 Parle-G biscuits. πŸ™‚

As I started off with sa, pa, sa and later graduated to the ‘sa ri ga ma’, she kept asking me to follow Shruthi. I didn’t know which of the other girls were Shruthi. I kept looking at the teacher if she could point out who Shruthi is so that I can synchronise my voice with hers. Her eyegaze focussed on the tanpura on her lap didn’t help much. After a month, I gathered courage to ask the girls who Shruthi was and they burst out laughing while I grinned sheepishly. One of the sisters, the kinder soul explained to me that it’s the harmony, and the sync is with the note of the tanpura amidst giggles.

Well, by the time I started out with janti varisai, my music teacher got married and relocated. I was forced to look for another guru.


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  1. sriram on

    nice posting… your music teacher would be very happy if she comes to know your visit to thiruvaiyar last year…

  2. aurorawonders on

    Right. But then, which teacher? πŸ™‚ Let me write more and you will know the spectrum of music teachers that I learnt from. πŸ™‚

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