Well, I must confess I think abstract many times. Which is why I can relate very well to every abstract post of Gaizabonts. And here is my first attempt at putting it across.

One likes to ignore the tangle. The complex web of intricate relationships, discords and disagreements. When one refuses to admit there’s a web, it’s easy to deal with it.  Go around it in a old deserted house as if it has to be there to complete it.

And there is disharmony only when one makes an attempt to untangle it, to break the cobwebs. The attempt to eliminate disharmony contributes to creating it. Or it makes one painfully aware that it was present and the aspect you tried to ignore is real. It removes the option of escaping. The safe and secure cocoons are shattered, just like the person who tried to untangle it.


4 comments so far

  1. Gaizabonts on

    Am glad you can relate, truly. Else, it’s just some more bytes adding to some disk on a server form somewhere.

    Cobwebs do look good when undisturbed, but clear them you must, some day. However, unpleasant. They are sticky even, these cobwebs. They wrap around you when you try and clean them. Yucky sticky.

  2. Citric Acid on

    Thank you. 🙂

    Keep writing.

  3. blissfulsoul on

    Very Good Post. Makes a lot of Sense.

  4. aurorawonders on


    You are one of the few who really understands what I write. Keep visiting.

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