Mumbai in terror grip

All crises, however brutal is out there happening to somebody else while we shake our head in disbelief, express shock and still carry on with what we do always. When it happens to us, it seems unfair that nobody cares and the world is still busy haggling prices, cooking, eating out, and doing things normal that seems so unbearable.

While the enemy is out there garnering people, nurturing them to a common objective, even inculcating the feeling of purpose beyond personal life; here we are totally scattered. All that we offer is a word of mouth sympathy.

Is it so hard to identify with the pain and loss felt by hundreds of our countrymen living in the city paralysed with fear and living life with uncertainty? Do you remember the moments in life when you felt totally isolated and helpless? Loss of a loved one? Failing miserably in something? Losing all you have? What those people feel is much deeper and much more impact bearing than all that!

What do we do? How do we counteract? What is required? People sit up, take notice. What is required to go one step or ten steps forward? And reverse it? If it’s somebody else  today, it could be you tomorrow. And every time you leave things unchecked, it grows stronger with each victory.

I wish there was an answer.. just wish there was a way out.. When everything else is lost, hope remains. Let the hope for a safe and secure tomorrow never diminish. Let it glow bright in any human mind.


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