What to do? What to do?

Search for a co-worker : When people come searching for your neighbour and ask you if you know where he/she is, get up seriously, go over to the cube, look under the table and announce – “Your game is over. They’ve come for you”

Hide people’s footwear
: Go sneak behind somebody who has their feet up and relaxing, grab one footwear and hide it. When they go to search it, sing jhoota ho ya chappal, aakhir kho hi jaata hai..

Ask if the phone line is working:
and do this loudly. Announce aloud – phone line is not ok. It’s not connecting any calls and wait to listen to a bunch of people around you checking their phone. 🙂

Name the objects in your cube
: Did you know that your phone is happier when you call it Tringa, laptop, keyboard all need names. Come on, how else would you differentiate between yours and somebody else’s when there is a dispute. clear your throat and say – my headphones respond to the name – sangeetha. And have everyone roll their eyes over when Sangeetha hops onto your head and dispute is settled. Of course, in your favour, silly.

Sort your cupboard with emotions: Look at the unwanted papers like looking at an era gone by, clutch it closely before deciding to toss it out. Shake your head, close your eyes and toss it in the bin. Full authentic.

Count your square feet of space
: Do you know how much space you inhabit? And if you didn’t know, you inhabit this space for 1/3rd of your life. You ought to know.


6 comments so far

  1. Gaizabonts on

    Essential Life Skills. Keep them Flowing. 😀

    Happy Diwali!

  2. Rk on

    he he he he he..super. u r a treasure of knowledge (and mischief) !!

  3. muse on

    when boredom strikes,creativity flows!!
    “Sort your cupboard with emotions:”
    Loved the above activity,loads of melodrama 😀

  4. aurorawonders on

    Gaizabonts – 😀

    Happy Diwali to you too

    RK – 🙂

    muse – Thank ye.. 😀

  5. dharmabum on

    at first, it seemed a little ludicrous, specially to the sombre, serious kind of mind that i have cultivated.

    i guess i need to loosen up a tad – this is actually fun 🙂

  6. aurorawonders on


    Missed your comment from last year. After reading your recent post on the blog, you need to loosen up more than just a tad. Such announcements ought to be more colourful than like a news anchor reading out. 🙂

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