Well, read on.. This is the preface..

I am bored. With a capital B. Totally, insanely bored. Had a deadline and was extremely busy for 2 months with time for nothing and here, I am. Wondering suddenly what to do with all the free time.

Well, since I made do with a lot of cereal, curd rice and the likes of it, I decided to indulge my taste buds and prepare something yummy. Well, me a good cook, of course. Made some decent noodles, albeit a with a little extra sauce and ran out of patience while making gobi manchurian that I ate the deep fried cauliflower florets and convinced myself they were much better than the end product anyways. Next day I goofed up in making Hyderabadi biriyani – it lacked the spice and tasted so bland. The “baby potatoes in spicy gravy” had a generous amount of salt that didn’t whet either my appetite or my culinary inclination. So, end of using the kitchen to kill boredom.

I guess I know what I’m going to do. Write a book. Yes, of course. Write a book. There’s been no bestseller of late and I want to give the random people at a party some juice for conversation.

Fella 1: Hey.. Have you read Aurora’s new book?
Fella 2: Oh.. This is not her first one?? Interesting!  I’ve wasted so many years of life not reading such genius work. Sigh! 😦

Some excerpts from my book. It’s titled “Life, living it and loving it” Arre Waah. I’m a genius or what? I thought of that title in less than a second.

Coming back, the book will have interesting chapters about everything you wanted to know to live your life and at the same time, lurrrve it.

Chapter 1: Walking the talk in the park no matter how much dogs bark
Chapter 2: Preparing healthy breakfast that’ll make you run so fast
Chapter 3: Getting to work on time and drinking juice made of lime

To know the other chapters and to book a copy of the book, please leave a comment. I’ll tell you how you can order it with a huge discount and also be invited to the release of the book.

See you all there..


11 comments so far

  1. Gaizabonts on

    How does it end? 😀

  2. Rk on

    Whoa…what a comment by Gaizabonts…just after I read a profound post, this comment is godawesome ! Hats off to you pal..you are brilliant!

    Coming back to the post, I remembered you when I saw this
    I was just about to point you at it, but I forgot and next time I remembered, the last date was over.

    You could surely spin some stories..if not for the entire book (that too self-help? Gal you could do better with fiction or real-life stories..trust me)..

    Also talking about the park..I remembered you when I noticed this behaviour of people durin my joggin…I will be runnin at my speed in my thoughts..and some guys, try to run faster than me and in smaller circles just to show off or to provoke me I guess…after they cross me, they get slowed down..and when I approach them with my constant speed itself, they think I am trying to race them and run faster and feel happy that they won…he he..

    One more small update…I progressed from 2km to 8km jogging(1hr)…and on weekend I touched 10km..clap clap 🙂

  3. Rk on

    If not story book..at least poem collection book should be possible… (though I am weak in understanding the beauty of poems..my encouragement will be there..)

    Hey..talking of your kitchen experiments…were these things you wanted to try on us ? So do we have to wait till you perfect the art before we are invited ?

  4. Rk on

    Ok…One last comment…some authors send free copies of books for reviewers..if you have such plan, do send me a free pre-release copy..I will do a favorable review and boost the sales.

  5. Gaizabonts on

    *bows, with a sheepish smile* @RK, thank ye!

  6. aurorawonders on

    Gaizabonts – 😀 Good one!

    RK – 🙂 che..what da? You no telling only people waiting to discover budding writers like me? It’s ok. Their loss. Next time, tell. ok? That’ll make you a good friend.

    Running at your speed with your thoughts? Man.. what misleading statement! Me thought you ran at the speed of your thoughts and had fun laughing at the whizz of movement in a fraction of a second and guys trying to overtake you when you stop thinking. Relief.. That’s not what it is, eh? Good to know.

    10 km in an hour, that too jogging? Seriously deserves clap clap and more clap clap clap clap. Way to go, man!

  7. aurorawonders on

    RK – what kitchen experiments da? It is for the vidheshi khaana only. Me expert in desi khana.. Will not experiment with you folks inviting you home. Will have a tough time erasing proof under my roof. Aha.. what rhyming, I say.

  8. aurorawonders on

    RK – One free copy marked for you. And one invite coming your way. To recognise your encouragement, me shall think of launching it on the Ides of March. So, people can say, You too, Aurora!!

  9. chaitra on


  10. muse on

    looks like mademoiselle is paaaaythetikally bored,who else could think of such sad rhymes for chapter titles!!!but the book title’s got some punch 😉

  11. aurorawonders on

    Yes madame.. Hence, decided to do some writing to share my gyaan with the world. Remember – you promised to write a foreword if I write a book.

    Now, now – bareetheera?

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