Ripples hit the roots of the tree..
Yet it stands unshakeable..

The roots absorb the water..
Yet the river does not dry up..

They live in harmony..
With the perfect balance in give and take..

Be calm as the still waters..
Yet firm as the tree..


8 comments so far

  1. dharmabum on

    looks like there is hamony everywhere, as long as humans are not involved!

  2. aurorawonders on

    True. Nature is in perfect balance. Sometimes, you tend to wonder why transcending to become a human is considered evolution.

  3. D on

    There are so many lessons to learn from nature if we want to learn.

  4. aurorawonders on

    D – Welcome to Aurora.
    True. Many to learn about delicate balances, intricacies and beauty.

  5. Anamika on

    No doubt, this phenomenon is routine. Yet, it requires a discerning eye to make note of it and record it.

  6. dharmabum on

    well, if it is, then i suppose there must be more to being ‘human’, than the disaster that this race is currently causing. and THAT, to me, would signify evolution in its true sense.

    interesting thought, thanks aurora 🙂

  7. Mahesh Devarajan on

    It seems plants and trees know how to arrange their leaves so that all the leaves receive optimum sunlight. But the same thing if we try ourselves it turns out to be a difficult problem to solve. This is one of the problems studied in statistical physics. Equilibrium seems to be inherently built into nature but looks like only humans consciously strive for it. Cool post.

  8. aurorawonders on

    Anamika – Welcome to Aurora. Thanks. 🙂

    dharmabum – Very true.

    Mahesh Devarajan – Very interesting. Equilibrium is inherent in nature and humans, are the only ones who try so hard to achieve it.
    Rains, formation of clouds have equilibrium. Food chain is in such a way to sustain each species in it’s optimum numbers and support survival of the fittest. Equilibrium at its best is NATURE in its true form.

    Thanks all for making this thought process more interesting.

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