A new beginning..

Like a tiny bud, as a morning dew
You are a rare gem with a golden hue

You fought it out when it required a fight
And still through everything, made the burden light

You persisted with patience, with hope in heart
With true faith, age-old myths you did thwart

As you embark on this new exciting journey
Made meaningful by everything that you personify

May life turn blissful with every step you take
And present you with joy at every turn you make


10 comments so far

  1. chaitra on

    Who is this dedicated to??

  2. dharmabum on

    to persist, with patience, is indeed quite rare

  3. aurorawonders on

    chaitra – Dedicated to someone I admire a lot.

    dharmabum – Very very rare indeed. And to persist and to triumph. My hats off!

  4. dharmabum on

    ah! to me, the triumph lies in the persistence itself 🙂

  5. guptaghost on

    hits the dart very close to home. like dcharmabum said, “the satisfaction lies in the persistence itself”, nevertheless the fruits of persistence are also welcome.

    which brings me to a point, if it isn’t too intrusive, is the poem what i think it is?(about someone getting m*****d)

  6. Mahesh Devarajan on

    very nice flow of thoughts. Enjoyed reading it.

  7. aurorawonders on

    dharmabum – True. I was concentrating a lot on the fruits of the persistence. Persistence itself needs to be lauded.

    guptaghost – Thanks. Very true. And it is what you think it is. Btw, * are not required. 🙂 It is a pleasant word that means a new beginning.

    Mahesh Devarajan – Thanks. 🙂

  8. guptaghost on

    is it?i dont really know. well as you can guess, am not experienced like you 😀 so i guess i dont have as much a similar opinion on it.

  9. dharmabum on


  10. aurorawonders on

    dharmabum – hello 🙂

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