At first, seemed so distant and non-existent. There was no recognition, leave alone a relationship. In the past five years, it has suddenly come to mean a lot and parting suddenly. There were signs that I chose to blissfully ignore till it avalanched and shook me hard to sink the fact in.

I got introduced when somebody I was waiting for months, landed and it was a sweet meeting with fond memories and remembrances. It also became associated with some not very happy encounters and has nurtured me like a mother when I fell sick. If I could always count on one thing and feel at home and comfortable, it was this.

I remember my near and dear ones vouch and embrace it with the same warmth as I showed it and basked in the feeling that everybody liked what I liked. It was a sweet phase. Was? Yeah. It’s over. Almost. I stood with moist eyes when the realisation caught me unaware. I was staring at the half demolished place, incapable of accepting that the place was no more, the relationship was no more, the comfort of someone being there no more. A vacant void filled the mind. I looked away, trying to reminisce the building in the mind’s eye. and all memories associated with it. Alas, one glance of the half demolished building reigned supreme in the mental picture causing even more agony.

It all must come to an end. Good things just don’t last, like I’ve learned often. Even though it stayed for a short while, I’ll remember it always with the fondest memories it holds for me.

With a heavy heart and sinking feeling, I bid farewell. Good bye, Woodys. To Woodys as I knew it.


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  1. dharmabum on

    i might just have liked woodys too. thank god i didn’t know about it!

  2. aurorawonders on

    dharmabum – Sometimes, even though things end, it’s good to know about it. Coz you can savour the memories for a lifetime.

    And since you didn’t know about it, it is a restaurant. 🙂 A South Indian vegetarian restaurant. 🙂

  3. gaizabonts on

    when i was young, my father used to take us to a book shop called the ‘CLS bookshop’, in hyderabad. i visited hyderabad twenty years later and made my colleague find the book store for me. it was nowhere close to the way i remembered it. for no reason, i just wandered into the ghostly living shop.

    i came out, with a heavy heart. perhaps, i should have let my sweet memories remain.


  4. dharmabum on

    aha! any kinda vegetarian food goes well with me! woodys is a curious name though!

  5. aurorawonders on

    gaizabonts – Yeah. Perhaps. Still, you never know really coz you didn’t go through the feeling of seeing it half demolished. I’m surprised what it is that places that are so inanimate and can’t reciprocate feelings, assume as much, if not more, importance than people.

    dharmabum – 🙂 Woody’s is it’s name. I made a typo. Most of the interiors have wood finishing and there’s one Woody’s in Kodaikanal too. Out of the city, but something about the whole restaurant says – ‘Welcome’ Which, very few places say these days, considering how impersonal and same many places look. Like, coffee day, food world, big bazaar.

  6. dharmabum on

    oh yes, talk about it. i make it a point not to go to chains of restaurants – for the lack of a ‘personal’ touch!

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