A walk in the park

A morning at the park..

Finally, after making many mental notes to myself that I need real exercise, I went to the park to take a walk. It was more for seeing how it all looked after the heavy rains last night. To see the drenched trunks, droplets filled leaves and feel the wet ground. Anyways, saw this whole variety of people there. Silly me, to think people come to just take a walk. I actually sat down for sometime to observe all the different kinds and amuse myself.

My space is me + 2 arms length: This person waves his hands all around himself, starts from the sides, takes it up, then forward and back and down. Repeats this throughout the walk. I don’t care there are others around. All I care is for my two arms length of space.

I tell you aunty: A fat middle-aged lady, or shall we say old lady who has 2 species of similar kind and keeps narrating to them endlessly about trivia that happened in her life the previous day and the other two listening, interjecting nods and hmms at appropriate times. While I took numerous rounds, I was curious to know what she had to say. Here are some excerpts.

1. maneyavaranne nambakke aagalla. Amele thane horaginavaru (Can’t trust family members itself, the others come later)

2. Bandu TV haaki koothkondre.. abba.. (if he/she comes and switches on TV and sits down, oh my God)

Well, maybe it was important that she share it with the other 2 ladies at 7 in the morning so that they know what it’s like.

Walking I tell you aunty: Burkha clad in the park, they walk slowly, one talking and the other 2 nodding. Here, the conversation is short and crisp. The other 2 ladies are disinterested here and just look ahead with an empty look on the face. They step ahead occasionally to leave way for the others who walk faster than the snail speed with which these ladies trudge the trail.

Family issues discussers: Ah.. we have enough issues(pun unintended) to take care of, that we bring them to the park, and we walk and talk. I walk to the left, my wife to the right. We don’t walk straight. We take one step to the left and one to the right alternating so that our shoulders do touching-touching once every two steps. These couples leave no room for the other walkers who embarrassingly stand till one steps away and leaves space.

Bored husband-wife: What I’m guessing is, these people spent a good time in the parks before they got married. The spark is off now and they are trying to rekindle it by coming to the place where cupid struck first. They occupy the seats at the center of the park and stare vacantly into space.

Amidst these, there are the regular walker folks, the Reebok show-off dudes, stretching uncles, juice wala with 20 kinds of juices that includes grass juice, radish juice, etc..etc.., the kids who sit on benches and doze while parents walk, the silent meditators, housewives in hawai chappal and of course, Yours observingly.. 🙂


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  1. muse on

    oh u forgot the ladies who come in their nighties,straight out of bed,why waste time on dressing up for a walk!!
    one thing people always do when they walk is gawk at every person coming in the opposite direction(lot of people watchers like you i guess!!),its irritating when people cant take their eyes off on u even if u look all groggy,brushed ur teeth in a hurry, combed ur hair in semi-zombie state!!!
    the contemptuous looks that healthy,well endowed people give at skinny enthu cutlets who want to walk till they drop!!
    cant stop grinning at men who walk at running speeds,all sweating and discussing devegowda and sons,imagine early in the morning u dont want to listen to birds chirping,but discuss politics…go,get a life people!!
    i love the laughing people in the park,they make u laugh in turn!!

  2. Rk on

    1. Predictably, of the people you mentioned the ones that interest me most are Bored-Husband wife. I wish your explanation is wrong, but if it is true, I wish I could counsel them. I wish I could record it as proof and help others irrational confused souls (whom I keep bumping into), who have got their priorities wrong, who over rate things and most importantly who need help.
    2. Your apathy towards fat-reducers is not kind of you.
    3. Observing people from a distance was my favorite pastime..

  3. aurorawonders on

    muse – Yeah. How could I miss the nighty clad ones that come with a dupatta on of a totally non-matching colour or contrast. Somebody must tell these people.

    Rk – About the bored husband-wife, I saw 2 couples like that and assumed the explanation in my head. Reg the fat reducers, my apologies. That will be erased. Thanks for pointing it out.

  4. dharmabum on

    isn’t it wonderful to simply observe people from a distance?

  5. aurorawonders on

    RK and dharmabum-
    Yes. Just too good to observe people from a distance, imagine things from expressions and smile inside that you can see where others just look and miss so much.

  6. KK aka "Sulphuric acid" on

    nice compilation!
    I used to be the “My space is me + 2 arms length” types, though I call it the Petrie-flap. Paati’s friends used to make me run around the Navrang park flapping my hands like Petrie(something about burning more calories I think).Check this out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pn72ZiCZo8)

    And, how could you miss out the sahastranamam maamis ? You know, the types who go about reciting everything from Lakshmi ashtotaram to saibhajans while walking.

  7. Explorer on

    Come to think of it, isn’t what we are doing here pretty much the same as what the auntys and uncles and the rest of the lot do there in the park? Maybe I’ve become more human or you’ve become more cynical! 🙂

    Now, how does it matter what one wears or how one looks? Why are women being so judgmental of women? Don’t you know why they wear what they wear? Everyday is not a Sunday. Sometimes, it’s ok to not care for what others think. Sometimes, it’s ok to be how you want to be without being labelled or judged. You, aurora, should know.

    Perhaps the real objective of any observation is to understand. I’ve been observing people. I was cynical. Like someone said, “Every human being must experience pain in order to become human.”

  8. Explorer on

    Oh, on a lighter note, I find the laughing ones funny. On a serious note, pathetic.

  9. alapana on

    and there the kids,who sit there and stare at everyone with a blank expression:) but their imaginations and analysis goes on so fast:) its fun to visit the park just to stare at all those other kinds:)

  10. aurorawonders on

    KK aka “Sulphuric acid”:
    I haven’t come across the sahastranamam maamis. Would be interesting to watch.

    Explorer – Chill gal. It’s about observation and not cynicism. It’s the various people that make up the crowd and make it a variety.

    alapana – Yeah. So true. 🙂

  11. dharmabum on

    err….post? 🙂

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