Just asking?? Oh well, save the energy

Trrnn.. Dhoom machale.. The vroom of the vibrations.. Well, these are the ringtones that blare out  all the time catching sound sensitive people like unaware. It’s not as much as the ringing that bothers, but the sense of ubiquity that people try to assume possessing a mobile.


Why is it so hard for people to leave mobiles behind while they go to meetings? They stick to it like the dog following Yudhishtira to heaven. It’s not that the cellphone is going to lead them to it, nevertheless, most don’t know why they carry it around. There’s a call from an angry wife in the shrill tone – ‘Where are you??’ This question never fails to amuse me. Did you mean to ask – ‘Is it a good time to talk to you?’ Well, grrrrrr!!!


Questions that irritate to no end:


  1. Where are you?? – On earth, of course. Where else would I be if I’ve actually answered your call?!??
  2. What are you doing?? – Breathing and blinking. This somehow doesn’t convince anybody I’ve tried it on. It’s so true. Yet, people fail to accept it as an answer.
  3. What plans for the weekend? – This is one question that makes me go pound on the person’s head and return. Already, I’m looking at my mundane automated existence and wondering whatever happened to that spontaneity of just letting a day unfold. And you want me to plan something that totally does not need planning??
  4. How’s life? – What are you asking here, specifically? My life? Life in general? And what answer do you expect for it? You’re not even listening to whatever comes next. It’s like this filler.
  5. Had lunch? – No.. I was planning to starve till a soul really cared and asked me about it. What difference does it make to you?


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  1. Rk on

    I am not on the same plane with you wrt these…but I’ll save energy putting forth my opinions..
    Somehow I am reminded of ‘pan pasand’ ad..wish someone gave u one…

  2. Rk on

    I am not trying to whine..but may be I don’t know coz I dont get asked these 😉
    Am reminded of
    //I cried because I had no shoes, ’till I met a man who had no feet//

  3. muse on

    didnt u know,the mobile is an extension of ur personality,u have nothing to flaunt,then flaunt it!!!
    besides the ringtones,u have these waiting tunes when u call people and u cant help getting into a spontaneous dance when u hear them,unless its not something like oooo suruuuur types!!!!i even wondered whether we are charged when the music plays till the person picks up the phone(u never know,considering nothing’s free these days for cheapskates like me!!)
    here are a few answers to ur questions.
    where are u?in hawaii with brad pitt
    what are u doing?digging my nose or clearing my ear wax(ahh,disgusting!!)
    what plans for the weekend?u owe me a treat at taj,let’s catch up!!
    how’s life?*screaming*very happening,suuuuper.period
    had lunch or oota aiytha?yep,complete with happala,sandige and uppina kayi,happy na??
    maybe i ‘am not the phone kind of a person,but the same questions can awaken the latent anger in u!!

  4. Explorer on

    The next time I call you, I’ll say “Hi” and go blank… 🙂

    I differ on every statement/point in the post. It’s all relative. If the person who calls you is someone who cares about you, then every one of those questions are just ways of finding out how you are doing. Small things can reveal a lot more. All data thus accumulated reveals patterns and any deviations from the same.

    If people ask just for the heck of it, then they are just trying to while away their time.

    Some ask such questions when they are the ones who want to be asked!

    Why do people carry their mobiles all the time? Well, some can’t afford to do that. There are circumstances which warrant that. It’s an unpredictable world!

  5. Explorer on


    Why can’t people leave their mobiles behind for sometime? Well, some can’t afford to do that. There are circumstances which warrant that. It’s an unpredictable world!

  6. gaizabonts on

    What was supposed to be a convenience has become an irritant to an extent. Folks with the Crackberry…er…Blackberry for example (I have one too), have to always check mail. The phone *does* have a setting to shut email reminders during certain times.

    I *do* agree with you about the need we have to use the phone. For often meaningless banter. I do understand the necessity and convenience of it; I don’t quite understand the addiction. 🙂

  7. aurorawonders on

    Rk – I don’t know the pan pasand ad you are referring to. Vaguely remember something like somebody is in an angry mood and somebody gives a pan pasand and the person changes from being grumpy to content and gleeful. Is it the same one?

    Rk – It’s not that I don’t like being asked these always. But there are phases when you perceive everything as superficial and even though it’s not, the mind perceives it that way and hence the post. By the way, this was written a good time ago.

  8. aurorawonders on

    muse – 😀 LOL and re-read it quite a few times. I miss your mails that make me laugh like a nutcase.

  9. aurorawonders on

    Explorer – Yeah. I agree with what you say. It’s like sometimes you just don’t know what to talk and you’d rather just listen. That’s when questions suddenly seem too difficult to answer and redundant.

  10. aurorawonders on

    gaizabonts – Flaunting mobiles, well, blackberry or black cat is fine as long as it is noiseless. 😀

  11. Rk on

    Yes same ad…but person does not really change to content and gleeful…he/she says the same in a friendly tone…”Shaadi aur tumse ? Kabhi nahin” is one of the dialogues I remember..

    Explorer put it nicely what I wanted to say, good that I saved up my energy !

    Oh yeah, I understand when you say …”But there are phases….”

  12. aurorawonders on

    Rk- Now I remember the ad. 🙂

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