Deprived Dreams

The full moon stood a silent witness
The hope it kindled, it wished to harness

Everything it created painstakingly
To show the beauty in the world
Every wish it promised to fulfil
Merciless, it put the trusting soul in peril

And stood shining as bright as ever
As though nothing in it did waver

Unmindful of the integrity it professed
Stood without life in the sky it caressed

It cared no longer for the sky nor the breeze
It had light but no more shone among the trees

Bereft of hope and tenderness, it resembled a white sphere
And made the heart wish for a night sky true and clear..


2 comments so far

  1. Gupta Ghost on

    really back again after a break???

    beautiful, specially the bereft nature of the moon’s life.

    just one doubt though, if it wished for a sky true and clear, what of the fate of all those stars and the aspirations people affix to them? 🙂

    just joking.

  2. aurorawonders on

    Gupta Ghost – Yeah.. Really back again after a break. 🙂



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