Couplets.. and poemlets (this term is getting into the dictionary soon.. Really!)

The post is new. But the writing is not. I wrote this 3 years ago. Not obsolete. How can things go obsolete when I write them? Enough.. Let me copy paste the stuff now. 🙂

It might be this way till writing oozes out and I can write again new stuff. 🙂
1. No rhyme no reason
To my soul, a treason
2. Something abstract, can’t find a name
In the whole scheme of life, this is, but a game
3. For my own talents, I don’t find a use
An angel, a demon, whose is the ruse
4. Where, does the fault lie?
In me or the world?
Can’t see people in the eye 😦
5. Every single obstacle encountered
Means another stone in life not unturned
6. Pleasure found in talking abstract
Where every single word otherwise insignificant
When combined in this specific manner
Acquires a meaning so profound
An implication not very common
To every soul in question
But each gets his answer
In this strange phenomenon
Who gave the answer, the one who spoke?
No, the answer is your own soul
Helps break free the clouds of confusion
And pushes each one closer to his goal
Everything around seems like an illusion
In my own soul, I feel like an intrusion


6 comments so far

  1. Rk on

    I like 7,4 and 5

  2. chaitra on

    Very nice..I say!! 🙂

  3. aurorawonders on

    RK – Thanks..

    chaitra – Thanks, gal..

  4. guptaghost on

    well can only say 2 things.

    1. its good. i mean your being back after a really long long long break.

    2. its better. the post i mean. there sure was a little dearth of abstract writers in this world, but now i realise, abstraction knows no death, atleast not while it still has so many souls.

  5. aurorawonders on

    1. Thanks..
    2. Yeah.. Abstraction will know no death either..

  6. muse on

    liked ur two-liners,but for heaven’s sake dont call ur poetic lines as poemlets…u dont have to label everything!!now,couplet is romantic,sonnet is cool,poetry is sweet,but poemlet sounds like piglet(ok,that’s a moronic nasty outburst,its just that ur poetry is so good that u dont have to categorise it for the sake categorisation!!)
    PS:now,dont erase this comment from ur beautiful blog,life and ur blog are fine with a few imperfections and silly comments 😀

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