Nine lives.. One lie..

Nine Lives.. One Lie..

The tag is to say nine things about myself one of which is a lie. Can you spot the one which is not true? Got tagged by gaizabonts.

Clap Clap – I tend to bring my hands together to clap after the completion of any task, however small it be. I also tend to feel like clapping whenever somebody does a neat job. I try to consciously stop myself from doing it and hence most times, it looks like my hands are suddenly jerked back by an invisible invincible force that does not let me express completely.

Silence and solitude – I love music and being with people. What I like more than that is silence.. absolute silence with no noise, no sound, nothing to irritate my poor ear drums that take more than what they can tolerate. I love being alone. With myself, with my thoughts, or just be. To smile and not have to explain, to laugh and not have to share the joke, to cry and not have to appear sensitive. Just by myself for long periods of time.

Laughing in the head – I always have a consistent laughing in the head, however grim the situation seems. There’s something about the whole thing that appears outrageously funny that I feel like laughing out loud. I deny the seriousness of the whole thing or am amused by the fact that I’ve got myself in such a difficult place that I’d never imagined and the whole thing amuses me. Luckily, the laughing rarely go beyond the head during such times.

Knight gait – I always walk like a knight or a horse. Well, not the real one. The one in chess. In mosaic and marble floors that are chequered, I find it irresistible to traverse the path of the horse as I walk through. It’s taken years of practice to restrain myself from doing it.

Pink makes me sick – All shades of pink, rose and all the shades make me want to puke. How can a colour be as disgusting as that, I’d never be able to understand. The worst of the lot is baby pink. The name says it – it is baby pink. I feel like wriggling the necks of adults who sport the colour and claim to love it. Especially guys sporting baby pink should rot in hell.

Grammar – I like people who have good grammar. When somebody makes a grammatical mistake, I feel an impulse to correct. I do it most times, but just sit back and growl inside the times I can’t. So much that I had to make it as Nine lives.. one lie.. the plural form for a singular entity made me irritable.

Adventure freak – I love to experiment and try out new things. To go out and explore and live the unlived life. I love bungee jumping, would like to gamble and become a multi-millionaire. I’d like to go car racing. Hitchhiking is how one can truly explore new terrains.

Sleeping beauty – I’ve always dozed off in classes, be it school or college. There are hardly any classes where I remember being awake and more than that, actually listened. I’ve always felt that classes came in the way of my studying and took up my precious hours that I’d have rather spent in blissful slumber.

Art – I’m a great admirer of art, both ancient and abstract. The abstract art leaves me spellbound with the myriads of interpretations and depth that they carry. I’m moved by the paintings and can’t seem to have enough. Everytime, I look at it, it seems to have assumed a new meaning and dimension that was not obvious before. It is in concentric layers of depth that I enjoy and the feeling it gives of discovering everytime is exhilarating.

I tag chaitra, whose tag I haven’t done before.Β  I tag agnibarathi.


14 comments so far

  1. gaizabonts on

    While I hardly have any basis to say this; I am going to go with either of the last three – don’t ask me why – probably they don’t sound as convincing? πŸ˜‰

    Thank you for taking up the tag – when you do your next post – at least I will know eight things! Cheers!

  2. chaitra on

    Hmmm…should I guess??

  3. aurorawonders on

    Yes.. Guess maadi..

  4. chaitra on

    its the sleeping part… or art.. maybe?? but it has to be one of these two… i haven’t actually caught u sleeping…maybe because i was fast asleep myself ;)… but then i haven’t found u appreciating art very vocally either!!

  5. Explorer on

    The tag said “One lie”! I can spot 9 lies under one subtitle!

    Hahaha…adventure and you is an oxymoron!

    Is that why you were shifted to the second bench coz you kept dozing off at the back??!! hahaha.

  6. Explorer on

    Adventure freak is the 10th one! Adventure phobic would be apt as long as you are not required to lie!

  7. Raju on

    It is difficult puzzle to solve, though my opionion is that no definite answer can be arrived by anybody! I can’t comment on Knight gait,Adventure freak ,Sleeping beauty and Art. If your lie is in this than I’m sorry I cannot point exact lie. On the flip side for +ve ones I can list Clap Clap ,Laughing in the head and Grammar. That leaves me with Pink makes me sick and Silence and solitude. You really don’t hate pink that much right? and with one more specialtiy of yours is beeing with people and maintainting the silence and soltitude! This fact really doesn’t go along with description given by you.

  8. aurorawonders on

    gaizabonts – Maybe I’d run out of things to write and was racking my brains hard to insert the lie. But you’re right. The lie lies in one of the three. The other 2 are very true.

    chaitra – Yeah.. sometimes, I’ve managed to stay awake staring at you and thinking you needed sleep more than me. Anyways, I’ve done my deal of dozing off. Art – I haven’t been very vocal about it, but have always wanted to try my hand at it. I shall learn from you.

    Explorer – Bull’s eye! Nobody can deny you and your observation. Well, let me quote what you sent to me through sms when I said you were the only one who got it right –
    “That’s the difference between knowing and skimming, observing and seeing, listening and hearing, being with someone and just hanging out!’

    Raju – It’s not that difficult also. And I repeat – I do hate pink so much. Please remember to leave out pink when you get me flowers next. πŸ™‚ I do love silence and solitude. And I’m pretty much for the beaten path. Adventure is something that I rarely venture out for.

  9. Explorer on


  10. gaizabonts on

    I’ll take Explorer’s cue and go with the adventure lie…but I am glad I got there close – the first time round πŸ™‚

  11. Agnibarathi on

    Citric Acid – Give me some more time to finish your tag – I’m just starting to get my BLOGs rolling. Sorry!

  12. Don't Know on

    I dont understand how U can form these sentences and how these many people are able to understand, what U wrote :-). So, I guess the problem is with me :-(. But I understood one sentence and liked it… “I’ve always felt that classes came in the way of my studying and took up my precious hours that I’d have rather spent in blissful slumber.”

  13. gaizabonts on

    not nice to have the latest post about a lie… πŸ™‚

  14. aurorawonders on

    Yeah πŸ™‚

    Started again and hope to keep it pretty active from hereon.

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