Flowing waters..

Indifference lined her paths..
She didn’t care where she went anymore..

Music of the winds failed to move her..
The dance of the fishes failed to entice her..

She entered a world of pretence..
Stopped fighting the currents..

Drifted by the winds and obstacles..
Caught in the warp of time and tide..

She trudged around the barriers..
Feeling too weak to fight..

Changed courses a thousand times over, yet..
Flowed with one desire to merge with the sea..


5 comments so far

  1. chaitra on

    Pliss remove the irritating pic on top!!!

  2. Raju on

    Nice post! This post really goes along nicely for the mood captured with flowing waters.
    2nd and last paragraph is very good.

  3. SShhhhhh on

    Nice poem… Something I am able to relate to in my current frame of mind…

  4. muse on

    wow!the power of words…..thoroughly enjoyed ur verse

  5. aurorawonders on

    SShhhhhh – Thanks.

    muse – 🙂

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