Just rambling..

Whoa.. What’s happening? Thought of just rambling through one post. Usually, I write posts on notepad or sometimes, Winword, look at it with my head tilted to the right, then left and page up and down a couple of times. If things look ok, it goes into the blogosphere as a piece of digital data to be there forever..

Today is different. I’m too lazy to do any of that stuff. Not that there’s no time. There is time coz what does one have to do when one’s mind is in the ‘suthona’ mode. So, instead of trying to suppress, here it is unleashed to ramble and digress without rhyme and reason.

Rhyme and reason! Reason – yes, but rhyme is more important than reason. How many of us clapped and jumped in glee when poems rhymed and thought something was totally amiss when they didn’t? If you didn’t, you missed a very important element of growing up. Also, my previous post was one of my very few poems that don’t rhyme. Reason – That’s not the primary focus, I say. Aren’t you even listening?

Whoosh.. Gone.. I have nothing more to ramble.. There, you go. I taught you an important lesson in life. You actually try to let something loose and you realise that there’s only some distance it goes before it comes back. I’m talking about my mind here. If you take this piece of advice and follow it something else, you’re dumb.

Enough.. I’m tired. Time to listen to some music. Or Sudoku, perhaps.. You reached till here? Arre waah.. Sooper.. Now get back to your work.  🙂


6 comments so far

  1. Rk on

    If you didn’t, you missed a very important element of growing up. LOL ..
    I think I haven’t yet grown up then !!

  2. blissfulsoul on

    I guess even I haven’t grown up for that matter!! 🙂

  3. chaitra on

    RK: He he he he… we knew that!!! 🙂

  4. aurorawonders on

    Rk & blissfulsoul – 🙂 Good for you

    chaitra – What is this?? Say sorry to RK. Now!!!

  5. aurorawonders on

    Rk – 🙂

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