Broken dreams..

He stood to sell balloons
Of all colours and sizes..

That danced about the pole..
To the sway of the breeze..

The kids playing watched..
Not being able to afford it..

With a secret desire..
To watch it fly into the sky..

A sudden gush of wind..
The binding string gave away..

The balloons levitated..
The kids clapped with glee..

He stood looking..
Not knowing..

Whether to feel happy for the joy of all the kids..
Or to feel sad for his personal loss..

Put a smile on his face and carried the bare pole..
Something broke inside him leaving an empty soul..


4 comments so far

  1. blissfulsoul on

    Good One!

  2. aurorawonders on

    blissfulsoul – Thanks..

  3. gaizabonts on

    sweet compromises, such angst!
    Came here through Naandi/Explorer.

  4. aurorawonders on

    gaizabonts – Welcome to my blog.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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