At sunrise..

She felt the wet grass beneath her bare foot and smiled. It had rained the previous night. The night had been a long hard one and the rain didn’t help much then. She kept track of time by the sound of the clock in the hall. She’d taken her stick and walked out of the organisation. She knew the way by practice and had long rehearsed how she’d walk out on her own when it was dark and step out. She’d heard of green grass and blue sky, but could never comprehend what it meant. She didn’t know what many things meant. Every attempt to grasp how things would look like was frustrating. There was no frame of reference to compare and understand. People told her she looked beautiful. She failed to understand what was beautiful and what was not.

She felt the soft grass and the wet sensation tickled her bare foot. She kept walking, each step an exploration of the world unknown. The world seemed calm and serene. It was dark outside at this time and it somehow didn’t seem to deter her. It made no difference to her because everything was dark to her all the time.

She felt the breeze of the trees. It was soothingly pleasant. She had felt silks, satin and many materials. This breeze was smoother than all that. She remembered the tingling sensation when she touched a piece of ice, the coolness of a cucumber. his breeze felt like something that was thin, enveloped around her and filled her with tenderness. She had always imagined breeze to be a beautiful flowy piece of cloth that wrapped itself around her and drifted away after sometime.

She felt something hard and experience had taught her that she had reached at the foot of a tree. She silently sat down at the foot of the tree and lifted her face against the wind to feel the satin breeze again. The cloth would have flown far away, she guessed.Β  She determined to catch it the next time it enveloped her and never to let it go. She waited. Patiently while a myriad of thoughts filled her mind.She tried to push some away and gave up realising the futility of it. slowly, the thoughts evaporated and she was still.

She didn’t realise how long she had been there without any thoughts when suddenly something changed. She felt something near her eyeballs. She could feel a change from the sight she was normally entitled to. She could feel a trace. She sprang to her feet and tried to fathom the new sensation. She had felt a brightness in the blind school which she was given to understand as white light that can sometimes be sensed and everything else she saw was shades of black and gray.

The new hue that she experienced was unlike any other she’d known ever. She could feel the brightness increasing. The smile that had lined her mouth turned to a squeal and she jumped when she couldn’t contain it any longer. She felt a feeling she’d never felt anytime before – a feeling of hope, joy and more than anything, perception of sunlight at dawn. Tears rolled out from her eyes and she didn’t make an attempt to contain them. She let them flow like she’d never done before. As the light and the heat of the sun increased, something in her changed. She felt at peace as though something had been answered. She looked up uo perceive the phenomenon that helped her through the darkest of dark and egged her to find meaning. She stood up with equanimity at sunrise to return to the Home for the blind.


6 comments so far

  1. chaitra on

    1. Thanks for changing the template πŸ˜€
    2. Its nice.. but there is an excess of words.. if you know what I mean…

  2. blissfulsoul on

    Good One! The description of breeze from her viewpoint is good!

  3. aurorawonders on

    chaitra – πŸ™‚ I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks..

    blissfulsoul – Thanks..

  4. Explorer on

    She had always imagined breeze to be a beautiful flowy piece of cloth that wrapped itself around her and drifted away after sometime.

    Refreshingly new! Scene well captured!

  5. muse on

    me thinks that the following lines remind me of my science text book!!!!
    “As the light and the heat of the sun increased….
    no frame of reference to compare and understand……”

    the thought flow is very good,no deviation,but the ending predictable,nevertheless well-written,quite a technical writer!!!

  6. aurorawonders on

    Explorer – Glad you liked it.

    muse – πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Thanks.. Keep visiting.

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