Warn thy neighbor!!!

To whomever that comes in the vicinity of my cubicle:


  1. Read the instructions carefully. Do not blame me for unforeseeable consequences that result from your negligence.
  2. Do NOT chatter constantly. I hate to sound like a primary school teacher who goes on with – ‘Pin drop silence, children’ but learn to behave yourself. You have an internal chat application to share your ideas and views on anything on earth. If I hear you again, you would be lifted off your chair, hanged to a nail by your collar outside the window where I can’t hear you.
  3. Always use headphones or earphones. Whatever gave you the impression that you are in a tea shop on a highway. Listen to all the crap songs you want to listen to alone. Else I’ll have it arranged to put you away in a deserted God-forsaken place where trucks carrying goats stop by to scream at you in the middle of the night for tea.
  4. Do NOT whine for things that don’t work. ‘This is not working. I’m not able to login. How do you do this?’ And all this from your seat. What do you think? Everybody on earth wants to know how stupidly inefficient and dumb you are!!! Try it again and I’ll throw you out the door. Sometimes, it’s so surprising that people as dumb as you are actually inside.
  5. Do NOT keep opening and closing your cupboards. Man! Keep it closed or keep it open. Do NOT do it incessantly. I’ll fold you in three, put you inside the same cupboard and lock you up.
  6. Do NOT use the office phone for all your personal conversations. I don’t want to hear you tell your aunt proudly that you got a laptop and details of your salary.
  7. Do NOT hum or sing along while the song is playing. You may not hear yourself, but to me, it sounds like a cacophony resulting from the conversation between a crow and a donkey.
  8. Like the old adage, ‘Children must be seen, not heard’ go through your day silently and in a disciplined way.
  9. If you are totally jobless and don’t know what to do with all the time at hand, go to the cafeteria or anywhere out of my earshot.

5 comments so far

  1. chaitra on

    Poor kids… Aunty is angry!!!

  2. ashish on

    rofl 🙂
    that bad eh?

  3. blissfulsoul on

    The new theme is decent. But, it still would have been better if you had chosen a theme that had something to do with Aurora. Why is the theme named ‘connections’? I don’t see the link between connections the photo on top.

  4. muse on

    absolutely hilarious…quite a temper lady[:D],ur ruthless,but “they” deserve it!!!

  5. aurorawonders on

    chaitra – aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!

    ashish – Yeah. THAT bad.. 😦

    blissfulsoul – Template changed. I was trying out something. This one is the pic I took myself.

    muse – 🙂

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