She awakened to silence. It had become a habit to wake up when it was all dark and silent. After rolling the mat, she put it behind the door and tiptoed out of the small one room space that she called her home.


She took out her bag and went out by the street lights to make agarbathis. She heard her dad cough. His cough medicine had got over and she didn’t have enough money to get another. All her earning as a maid in 5 houses earned her enough for 2 square meals for the family and milk for her little sister. Her father was bedridden and her mother worked in a garments factory and earned a decent sum but all that went for her father’s medical expenses. She hoped he would get better like before and start working again.


She looked up to see the changing colours of the morning sky. She marveled at it every single day. It somehow fuelled her with energy and enthusiasm for another hard day of work. The dark grayish hues changed to violet, light shades of orange, red, crimson and the red ball of fire emerged rendering all the twinkling stars to fade out and resign to it’s resplendence. Dawn was the most beautiful part of the day where she was with the sun, sky and universe, lost in its changing hues and shades. Everything seemed tranquil at this hour. She leaned onto the lamppost and admired and lost track of time.


She heard the door opening and stirred out of her reverie. She turned out to see her mother had woken and was getting ready to start for work. She packed the agarbathis done, put them behind the door and ran off to begin household chores. She had the leftovers of the house for breakfast and packed the remaining for her little sister. After finishing the chores, she played with her little sister and tended to her father.


Time flew so fast. Before she knew it, it was time to sell the agarbathi to the dealer. She saved the money she earned from it for herself. She hoped to put it all together and buy a huge canvas to paint the sky exactly as she saw it every morning. She ran off to the vegetable vendor to collect the discarded vegetables and got them home and cooked dinner.


With every ounce of energy left in her, she made the dishes after everybody had dinner, put her little sister to sleep and pulled out her straw mat. Her limbs ached and her legs begged to rest. She was exhausted and collapsed on the mat. There was no energy left. She hoped she wouldn’t have to work so hard, that her father could go to work again and life would be good. She prayed hard for better times and drifted away to sleep.


She opened her eyes to see the dark sky through the window change to a violet hue. She quickly rolled out the mat, rushed out and leaned on the lamp post and was lost in the magic of changing colours. Dawn gave her a sense of meaning, a sense of belonging. Dawn roused her to life..


2 comments so far

  1. Rk on

    “Dawn gave her a sense of meaning, a sense of belonging. Dawn roused her to life”

    I realized that the name of the blog is the common theme with the stories as well 🙂

  2. blissfulsoul on

    Good One!!

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