A pause..

She leaped with ecstasy. She had never thought it possible. It had manifested itself to mock at her incredulity. To show to her what life could be. There was a new tender leaf in the soil. The soil where she sowed a seed, the plant filled with life and gave her a sense of life.

She tended to it like she bore it and protected like she owned it. She was blinded to the fact that mother earth could tend to it and plant would still grow. The plant had induced a new life in her. She clung to it like it was the only entity she ever knew, recognized and identified with.

The growth of the plant, it’s swaying to the breeze and every new leaf on it filled her with joys untold. There it was – her life and love. Life passed by like an unbroken melody, charming her with every single whim the heart desired.

Like every tale that begins happy ends sad and vice versa, fate intervened between her and the plant. A fierce volcano erupted rupturing the earth.It set ablaze the dried leaves and the dirt scattered. It killed the arrogance of the unbent tree branches and shook the forest with all its might.

The plant looked on in disbelief. It had seen the earth tend to it like a mother, giving it the water stored from the rains, shielding it from the wind that threatened to tear it apart. The furious side of earth was inconceivable to the plant.

The storm took over before the fury of the earth ended. The plant was uprooted from the soil and was flung far far away. She trembled from the fury of the volcano and the fierceness of the storm. She attempted to recover and seek strength from the plant. The plant thrown far away seeked strength from her. Both stood still expecting to receive what they couldn’t give. They stood rooted where they were and were startled to see the last rays of the sun retrace to give way for darkness.

The awareness was a jolt that shook them both at the very root of life and existence. They waited for deliverance, to be redeemed from the present, to relive the beautiful past where everything had a rhyme and reason. They waited for the morning sun to infuse light where the dark was, to infuse life where death prevailed. A small flame of hope was required to light the fire in the heart, to coax the spirit to fight for life.

They waited.. for the first rays of the morning sun. They waited for dawn..



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  1. chaitra on


  2. blissfulsoul on

    The title and the post goes very well.. “A Pause” that’s what it is..

    “They waited.. for the first rays of the morning sun. They waited for dawn..” – This is beautiful.

    Very good one.

  3. Prabhu on


  4. Explorer on

    Read your blog. Took a pause to write about the pause. It was well
    written. I know you think its pretty mature to have stories that end
    obscurely and leave things to the reader’s mature imagination. But I
    still think the author must take a stand and lean one way or the other. I
    don’t find it appealing when the story says”…and then the protagonist
    was choking…” and leaves it at that. I would want to know if the
    protagonist survived the choke or kicked the bucket. It helps the reader
    to analyse a tangible perspective and then take a stand of her own.

    The best place for unfinished endings is real life stories.

    I enjoyed your training sessions again!

    Keep writing…

  5. aurorawonders on




    Real life is the only place where there are no unfinished endings. Everything is definite. Maybe the protagonist survived the choke or kicked the bucket. Either has an equal probability of occurrence. But here, they waited in the hope of something that could change the present state of things to the better. Pulled on through the night of despair and darkness awaiting the ray of hope. And in the end, that’s what life is all about..

  6. Rk on

    I liked this 🙂

  7. CedyClalley on

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