A break from the monotony of work.. after you’re tired jamming the keys on the keyboard.. This is a perfect place to take a break and unwind. Choose from the exciting range of coffee, tea, hot water, cold water and normal water. If not any of these, just choose to sit back and relax. Put work out of your mind and soak in the pleasant ambience.

This overlooks the plush gardens outside and the magnificent architectural wonders of the buildings around. The pathways in the garden with exocit variety of flora are welcoming to the eyes that are accustomed to glaring at the monitor.

What is more, this is just 1 minute walk from your cubicle, but an entire world altogether where you can just be,  chat, have fun or contemplate.

Take a break. Visit the cafeteria..


1 comment so far

  1. Chaitra on

    Sheesh… my cafeteria overlooks a slum that is in the process of being evacuated and a huge dump of garbage :(…
    One has to actually squint to look at the ring road….
    In terms of view.. the cubicle is much better!! Beautiful sunsets every day…

  2. aurorawonders on


    I hope you move to a better place soon. Till then, enjoy the sunsets. 🙂

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