Busy hoon yaar..

Yawn.. Yawn.. Stifle the yawn… A lazy Tuesday evening (or shall I say late afternoon in IT parlance).. I find this close to the time where I can pack up and leave. Am just sitting here totally bored. I’m just wondering of techniques of how to look busy when you have absolutely nothing to do. How to look so convincingly busy and have a great time too?

1. Open the IDE, a couple of documents that you can stare deeply into and analyse if an unforeseen event occurs. Now open blog sites that you want to read. Maintain a very serious expression on your face. Move closer to the screen and look into the roof on and off with a serious expression as if trying to analyse something.

2. After reading blogs and doing timepass, take breaks every 2 hours. Go for a cup of coffee or tea. Or just leave the place. When you meet friends at the cafeteria, talk of too much work and the need of break in between..blah..blah…

3. Put on your headphones and listen to movies, friends….stretch your imagination. If there’s something funny where you have to laugh, cover your mouth with your palms and laugh silently.

4. Occasionally look into some technical stuff, initiate a few discussions and retire in your seat peacefully.

5. Open source code, have an analytical expression and daydream..

6. Doodle on the notepad and stare into the roof alternatively..


4 comments so far

  1. blissfulsoul on

    Hey aurora,

    Thanks for the tips. Came in handy today. Full time pass today. 🙂

    Btw, your poetry seems to be nice. Hoping to see more of those.

  2. aurorawonders on


    Glad to know! I shall try poetry soon. Keep visiting.

  3. Krithi on

    hehe…trying #3….sheesh..the silent laugh thing,kinda tough 😀

  4. aurorawonders on


    It needs some practice. You’ll do fine with that. Keep trying. 🙂

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