People in technical trainings..

1.      The Excited electron : Not attained valency (you’ve forgotten high school chemistry if you don’t know this term)and full of high energy. Frequency is high and contents delivered. Is very excited about the project and everything related to it. Gets flabbergasted once in a while, but does a neat job most times.

2.      The Enthu batani : I have done a great deal of studying. I want to use this training very effectively and get all my doubts clarified. Well, that is what these are meant for –aren’t they? What is this? What is that? … (after some time) Okay… Now I understood, I got confused earlier.

3.      A walk in the clouds: I seriously have no clue why these trainings are organised. Anyways, I can go to my dreamland. Put on a dreamy expression and go to some wonderland and if possible, also sing a song in the dream. When the trainer looks at this person and asks a question, this person nods vigorously to convince the speaker he’s on on his side and things will go smoothly. If this trick does not work – jolt out of the reverie, address the issue in broken sentences (say a statement with some technical words ), shake your head twice more and the job is done.

4.      The first bencher : Is full attention. Listens carefully, understands everything and can explain back everything. ‘No – what I thought was..’ is the favourite phrase. After the understanding is complete, there is a time delay where this person tilts the head to the side and looks into the air and afterwards declares – okay.. okay and again ends with ‘what I thought was..’

5.      Volcano : Is silent. Completely silent. Ppl cannot make out if this person is concentrating or not. No answers for most simple questions. Then when required will suddenly erupt with the right answer and stun everybody.

6.      Unglimaala: Has had a great time in school. Been every teacher’s pet. Very polite and always raises hand before speaking anything. (The parliament would be much better if it follows this person) Does a lot of groundwork before attending any presentation. Has idea of the minutest data structure details and is interested to know everything. Will bombard the trainer with questions at a steady rate of one doubt per second only.

7.      Happy-funny : Has a lot of enthu. Has a lot of wisecrack comments. Laughs at his own jokes. Lives life to the fullest. Thorough about everything.

8.      Blinker : When having anything to say, the strategy followed is blank look and then blink blink blink till the trainer stops and asks what is the matter. Then this person states the issue, gets clarified and then goes to enlightened mode. When the trainers have doubt, this person teaches them too.

9.      Lightning – Will remain quiet till a brainwave occurs. Then like thunder will narrate the technical issues and go back to dormant mode till the next lightning.


7 comments so far

  1. T1000 on

    Behaviour of people is nicely captured. It reminded me of our Induction Training at ITPL.

  2. aurorawonders on


    Thanks. There are more characters than this and you might encounter them in your technical trainings. Just look at others if you’re bored in trainings. 😉

  3. Krithi on

    hehe…..good one…reminds me of Shastry Sir’s gets really tough when you are sandwiched between a Enthu batani and a EE especially so when you are in a “walk in the clouds” mood.

  4. aurorawonders on


    Yeah.. These specimens are just everywhere..

  5. K:) on

    But , you never said which category you are into :))

    – 🙂

  6. aurorawonders on


    Go ahead and describe my category.. This could be fun..

  7. Agnibarathi on

    The Silent Observer – Completely Vetti. Sits in meeting with notebook and pen scribbling inane doodles. After meeting si over comes up and puts a post on her blog like this!

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