Miracle of Dawn

With the hues transcending from grey to purple…
The sky becomes resplendant with the ascent of the sun..

The birds fly from nests in search of food..
The dew drops give themselves up to the glory..

Light trickles into earth beginning as a single ray..
The world awakens.. the world begins a new day..


3 comments so far

  1. chaitra on

    Well if u have written this poem.. then I absolutely don’t have an idea who you are… coz i don’t know anybody who writes poems..
    By the way.. why aurora???

  2. blissfulsoul on

    Pretty nice poem i must say.. short and sweet..

    aurora goes well with this poem.. but doesn’t really gel well with the other two posts..

    Hope to get more posts on aurora..

  3. aurorawonders on


    Keep guessing. Btw, aurora is the different colours and hues in the sky during sunrise or sunset that encompasses the entire spectrum. Very similar to the faces and personalities of ppl and the world around. šŸ™‚

    blissful soul,


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